If you are planning to relocate to Mexico, our home-based specialists can provide you with comprehensive advice from the very beginning and an on-site program and orientation trips to have you live the experience here and decide the next steps to come.
Settling-in will require various procedures to be completed.

As attorneys we are strong on this.

From the immigration requirements prior to your entrance in Mexico (see the Immigration Section in our home-page), to all the residency permits and compliance needed during your stay, such as:

Leasing contracts negotiation and signing.

Assistance in procedures and contracts on water, electricity, housekeeping, internet, transportation and other services providers.

Compliance to government requirements as identity documentation, tax procedures, social security.

Driver’s license, opening a bank account, insurance, buying a car

Legal procedures for repatriation
The journey starts at home. The destination, as remote, inspiring and challenging, must, at some point, become home again.

We are confident in our experience and true commitment. Allow us to accompany you in this new journey.

Contact us and let’s plan your relocation together.
As attorneys we have a broader picture of different scenarios and what’s best for our immigration clients.

As Mexicans we have a very good sense on what it is like to live, work and vacation in Mexico
Whether you have a simple consultation or an expatriates project going on we want to know you!!

Give us a call or send an email.

We will gladly assist you 24x7!!
As attorneys we have developed a solid experience in legal counseling, procedures and solutions in Mexico for individuals and corporations.

We have the legal background to excel in Immigration Services for Mexico, and a strong local team for Relocation.
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