Products and services are more likely to be imitated and prevailed over.
Human Capital mustn’t
Attaining this requires vision and
successful implementation from
Human Resources Management.
Moreover, when their functions evolve to handling International Assignees, new variables add up making their responsibilities more complex and the role of Human Resources a key determinant in the expats success or failure, altogether with its impact in the whole company strategy.
Since Human Resources Managers contribute to the achievement of the organization’s goals at many levels, strategy and efficient implementation must always be prioritized.

Financial performance, innovation, market positioning, and international expansion are directly related to Human Resources Work practices.

This is where the true contribution of Human Resources is reflected, and, unfortunately, oftentimes not valued enough.
Intelligence, Pragmatism and Intuition must blend together to achieve successful international assignments.
International assignments may look very well on paper. However, bringing plans to a good ending is tough.

Cultural shock, new working styles, security risks, spouses expectations, kids’education, nostalgia … altogether represent a big challenge not only for the expatriates, but for the global corporation itself.

Here’s where the true keys reside for Human Resources Management and they mustn’t get distracted.
Eligibility, Retention of Talent, Cost-Effectiveness, International Competencies and Goals Accomplishment are indispensable factors challenging Human Resources Managers in Global Corporations.
It is our purpose to provide the peace of mind that will enable Human Resources Management to focus on the expats’ integration, performance and competencies development in their new assignment.
A solid framework, timelines, cost-saving opportunities, timely updates.
• Assessment on the situation, relocation policies and priorities of your organization for the international assignments in Mexico, thus providing relocation options accordingly.

• Establish objectives, course of action, timings and communication policies with your expats.

• Conform a solid working framework to provide the expats and their families with the best conditions at the very start of their assignment, thus minimizing the risk of discomfort or low performance.

• Updates and recommendations in the expats process and their families’, in order to avoid inconveniences and delays.

• Options on housing, schools, in-town activities, universities, jobs for family members, settling-in services.

• Orientation trips on the new surroundings.

We support Human Resources Management and Directors by taking away from them the time-consuming activities regarding the expats mobility.

This goes from having a broad view on the most agile, costs-saving and efficient ways to approach each specific case, to daily activities, like endless reminders to expats on missing documents for visa and residency, translations, apostilles, or dealing with special situations like double nationality, anticipating rejections derived from discrepancies in names (this is very common for US and Canadian Citizens married names for wives), family’s needs, and clearly understanding the best way to provide the most suitable, safe and comfortable conditions in their new home.
Expatriates must cope their own expectations in truly alignment with the
organization’s goals and policies.

Otherwise, at some point the success of the assignment is put at stake.

We are committed to sharing our experience, answer all your questions and provide reasonable and efficient solutions.
In order to provide them both the best conditions for a smooth transition and permanence, we devote to thoroughly understanding their priorities and build a customized working scheme and deliverables framework.
Let’s sit together and go through your priorities and requirements for handling international immigration and relocation projects with expatriates.
As attorneys we have a broader picture of different scenarios and what’s best for our immigration clients.

As Mexicans we have a very good sense on what it is like to live, work and vacation in Mexico
Whether you have a simple consultation or an expatriates project going on we want to know you!!

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