Letter from our Managing Partner
"Our daily motivation is to exert ourselves by being sensitive, adaptative and results-oriented"
Daniel Castro, Managing Partner
Dear Visitor,

Thank you for coming all this way to know more about our firm.

At Castro & Castro we started as a law practice firm in Mexico City, run by a group of young entrepreneurs. Our first clients for legal services basically came from our friends’ and families’ acquaintances, and eventually we began to build our own client base.

Fourteen years later, we are still working with those clients from our early beginnings, and have strived to gain the trust from new and diverse ones, from individuals, small businesses and multinational companies.

At some point, when dealing in legal consulting, we started to get requests on cases for immigration and visa procedures for opening positions in Mexico.

In time, going through birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, became more than just a visa process. It was about families’ histories, belonging, distant places and change… As Paul Theroux wrote in ‘Dark Star Safari’, “Travel is a transition, and at its best, a journey that begins with setting forth from home”.

And it is in the spirit of this that from the very first contact with the expatriates and their families, we devote ourselves into being receptive, clear and effective in providing options for their relocation plans.

Legal practice, helping expatriates and relocation have become one priority: helping our clients and their families gain tranquility and well-being.

Whether you have a legal matter to solve, for yourself or as part of a corporation, or if from abroad you are evaluating doing business in Mexico or relocating here, our firm can certainly help you.

We hope to be able to meet you and have the opportunity to assist you.

Yours Faithfully
Daniel Castro
Managing Partner
As attorneys we have developed a solid experience in legal counseling, procedures and solutions in Mexico for individuals and corporations.

We have the legal background to excel in Immigration Services for Mexico, and a strong local team for Relocation.
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